Friday, April 16, 2010


We Property Management Development Consultant takes pride in its ability to locate economically sound,high-yield investment properties for our clients that often experience an increase in property portfolio profitability that subsidizes the cost of our service. The company relies upon its principals to identify new markets and undervalued assets.

On top of our fundamental business we also registered under Auctioneer license,(Selangor).

  • Modern property management is an investment tool in itself - an effective strategy for reducing expenses,locating strategic property and creating demand for the given property on the local market.
  • Modern property management is also a comprehensive range of services from the preparation stage of the investment to the moment of exiting the investment by the client.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tuan/Puan hendak menjual Rumah atau Tanah. Tiada pembeli lagi? Kami sedia membantu untuk mendapatkan pembeli. Kami ada senarai pembeli yang ingin membeli hartanah.

Terkini Di perlukan;
Rumah / Bangunan / Premis tersebut hendaklah samada corner lot , end lot atau lot bungalow.

Jika tuan/puan ingin menyewa atau menjual rumah tuan/puan dengan ciri-ciri yang sesuai untuk dijadikan taska atau tadika sila email atau tel kami.

Terima kasih

Hubungi: LINDA    017 286 0057 /


  • Bermodalkan RM25,000 pembelain Hartanah lelong
  • Memiliki 2 hartanah serentak bernila RM120,000.00 ++++
  • Pelaburan Jangkamasa Panjang.....Duduk rumah PERCUMA
Nak tahu formulanya hubungi kami....

LINDA : 017 286 0057

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Nusa Tropika
@ ampang ukay

The design concept for our exclusive semi-detached homes and limited editition bungalow derives from the pursuit of fulfilling the needs of contemporary family living with modern tropical styles.

Designed to comfortably accommodate families and enhance the pleasure of living in a luxury home, the spacious living areas provided are also perfect for gatherings and entertainment. With the option of a 5 + 1 designs to choose from our collection of semi-detached homes,there is room for everybody.

  • Build up Area - 5000 sft
  • Land size - 38'x 80'
  • Originel price - RM 1.89 Million
  • Freehold with individual title
  • Maintenance 1 year free